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New Hi-Res PS Brushes Coming Soon


Hey all.

I have 2 new sets of Hi-Res PS Brushes coming out very soon. The sets will be titled “Acrylic Texture” with one set focusing on brush strokes and the other a little more abstract as shown. I have all the brushes painted, it’s just a matter of scanning, tweaking, and testing. In the past I have done all of my brushes through taking pictures of them and then importing them into photoshop. This will be my first set done with a scanner. I’m very pleased and impressed with the results so far. The scanner is far superior in my view. I’m extremely excited to be releasing them, so please let me know if you like them.  Click the link below to get to a hi-res preview.  this is the actual brush, not a photograph or scan, this is what you will get. :)

Shoreways Texture Acrylic Brush Sample

In the meantime I have three other brush sets you can check out if you haven’t already.

dsc_0048…..theshoreways_hires_destroyed_watercolour-web2 …..shorewayspromo

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  1. very nice brushes.

  2. Heather

    Your brushes are great. Are there restrictions on using them? I’m working on a digital paint video (a tribute to filmmaker Stan Brakhage). Can I use your brushes in this experimental project.

    Also, could you tell me how you got the effect above where the dense part of the stroke is dark blue and the lighter part of the stroke is a green?

    thanks loads.


  3. I Want! I will defiantly be checking back soon.

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