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Welcome Back Friends.

youlookdifferent2 is officially back in business.  I have finally finished the redesign of the site and have gotten just about everything back in working order after the move.  The site is now hosted off 1&1, which means no more external downloads or having to leave the site to download anything.  Though I would like to thank mediafire for providing over 50,000 downloads and serving over 2 TB of data, all for free!

I have a few things lined up such as photography, and a new series called “Retro Inspiration” which will feature design related retro goodness.  I’ll probably end up releasing some new textures and PS Brushes as well.  I’m now rocking CS5, so in the future I’ll be releasing some new and improved brush sets.
I hope you guys like the design of the site.  I tried to incorporate a few of my own design elements and wanted it to look a little more cohesive.  If you have any thoughts or comments please sound off below and let me know!

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  1. Anon

    Heya Jeff just wanted to let you know that if you were a girl and single (which i doubt you would be ;)) i would totally ask for your number, probably get you dinner or we could go see a movie, whichever you prefer. But anyways i gotta go, talk to ya later

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