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Retro Inspiration: Cameras (Technicolor Mark Ten Camera Manual)

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Welcome to the first part of my Retro Inspiration series.  I’m going to start off the series by focusing on the Technicolor Mark Ten Super 8 Reflex Zoom Movie Camera.

As this is the first substantial post in the series I wanted to do something a little special, so I have for you an original scanned owner’s manual for the camera.  I received these instructions when I purchased the camera off eBay a couple of months ago and they are just an amazing example of retro design.  The entire 16 page manual is available to download (link above) in a .PDF.  The file is about 20.5 MB.  The PDF contains high resolution images of the manual, and let me tell you, they are gorgeous.  Many of the images could probably be used for Desktop Wallpapers.  This was my first time putting together something like this, so I hope you enjoy it!


Here are two images from the camera in my collection.  It has an amazing rugged design, and has held up well over the years, there’s only a few scuff marks on it.  I have tested it out and everything seems to work.  The mechanism turns on and functions and the light meter still appears to be sensitive.  I’m planning on ordering some Ektachrome 100D in the near future and I’m looking forward to testing the camera out!

Click on the images for sizes suitable for Desktop Wallpapers.

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  1. Nate C

    Thank you for posting this! I just purchased this vintage beauty at a thrift store in Little Falls, MN for $15. It will make a cool Christmas present for my brother who lives in LA and works in television. What is one of these in excellent shape worth?

  2. Franco

    Hello,today have buy one very beauty MARK TEN here ,in Italy. The cost is of 20 $,is one futuristic camera ! I whont trasformer,only inside,in digital camera !

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