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The Apple iPhone.  A very popular handheld cellular device that people can’t seem to live without.  At the risk of seeming silly, I do not have an iPhone, but I’m dedicating an entire post to it.  Why you ask?  Because I think they are pretty neat.  While I may not have an iPhone, I know that some of YOU do, and since I am a generous kindhearted individual, I wanted to share the love and put together a little set of Free iPhone Wallpapers for your enjoyment.  Along the way of creating these, I have come up with a few pointers if you yourself wish to set out on making your own iPhone Wallpapers.

1. If you wish to download any of these images, do not download them directly from your iPhone.  For whatever reason, the image quality is not what it should be, it looks as if some compression is taking place, which is likely.  So, Download the images to your computer then upload them via itunes.  :)

2. If you want to make your own iPhone wallpapers download this handy .psd overlay!  This amazing tool has all of the components of your iPhone so you can seamlessly compose your image without having to upload it to your phone everytime.  Also the shading and everything is correct in the photoshop template.  It even has everything broken up into seperate layers!  Big thanks to TheSpaz for putting these together.  You can grab the overlay here. And while your at it, leave him a nice comment to let him know we appreciate his effort.

So here’s a small sample of what I’ve put together for you.  For the entire set, please check them out here.  I’ve included the regular iPhone image, and the image with the iPhone overlay to give you a better idea of what it will look like!  Feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy.








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  1. chelsea

    i love these. :)

  2. Thank you for your site ;) I made on photoshop backgrounds for myspace or youtube and ect..
    my backgrounds:
    take care and thank you again!

  3. BERRY

    you can search for “vista skins” or “vista wallpaper” on

  4. Thank you.

  5. I have posted about your website on twitter , great stuff

  6. My buddy normally spoke about this web-site yet somehow this is now the 1st article I had gone through to this point. I’m highly content and so now a admirer.

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