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watercolour brushes set 2


retro concept


Includes 1 compressed .abr file.

It’s new brush time.  A pack of 20 hi-resolution watercolour brushes perfect for textures, overlays, and even poster making.  The smallest brush in the set is 1931 px, with most of them hovering around 2300 px.  This is my favorite set to date.

All of these brushes were meticulously created, as I completely scrapped my first attempt at them, AFTER I had them fully ready to publish in a .abr file.  I strive for quality here, and decided my subscribers deserved more.  If you like them, please comment below.  Feedback is a great tool and helps me create better works in the future.  Thanks.  J.Gardner.

I am giving these brushes away for free, but if you download and enjoy them, please consider making a donation.  I am a college kid, and putting these brushes together does take a considerable amount of time and money.  If a donation does not fit into your budget, no worries, please feel free to use these brushes in both personal and commercial works.

Here’s how they appear in Photoshop.


watercolour concept

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  1. chelsea

    i can always tell how much you care about quality. :) so good!

  2. Thank you again for sharing, your work is LOVELY!!! I look forward to some time to experiment!

    Linda :)

  3. grammy201

    These brushes look awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creations with us!

  4. Jeff

    Thank you everyone for the kind words!

    Your support is greatly appreciated.


  5. Laramie

    I am a watercolor artist my self but have discovered how much fun digital is. I am learning so much but can tell these must have taken some time to create. Thank you for sharing and good luck with school.

  6. Tammy

    Awesome! I love it! Thanks :-)

  7. LivE

    thank you for sharing this! your work is wonderful!

  8. Kathie Nielsen

    I have Paint Shop Pro X. Is there anyway to use them in this program??
    They’re beautiful!

  9. Jeff

    Hey Kathie,

    I’m not sure whether these work in Paint Shop Pro X, as I’ve never used the program. Sorry.


  10. D Wagner

    I was linked here by NBK’s blog, your work is impeccable. Thank you for sharing such quality!

  11. Featured on, Keep the good work :)

  12. Ressa McCray

    These are beautiful. Thank you.

  13. dennis

    thanks for the great brushes
    can anyone tell me how (or point me to in the direction to) do that cool multicoloured effect on the example picture? its really neat! im still learning photoshop haha

  14. mosh

    You. Are. Amazing. I love your stuff.

  15. hey great brushes and i can see the amount of care and attention to detail you put into your work - i will definitely be making a donation. cheers :)

  16. THANK YOU!! These are amazing. Absolutely love them. Thanks for taking the time to make these and being soooo generous to share with others. Thanks again:-)


  17. wowo

    thank you so much for this man!

  18. Great brushes! thanks a lot for sharing ;)

  19. Your work are simply amazing!
    Is it possible to make donation via Paypal?

  20. Thanks. These are wonderful.

    Juno’s Place
    Cards by Carol

  21. agus

    wow you are so generous.. thanks for sharing.. :)

  22. mard

    thank you! such a great help for my current project :)

  23. Great brushes, used in a recent project, thank you for supplying.

  24. JeaYeon

    Thank You !!

  25. Mattis

    Will probably use these in a project. A donation is coming your way if it works out! Great job!

  26. admin

    Thanks MATTIS. Much appreciated.

  27. MAX

    Thanks for these amazing brushes! They will be very useful :)

  28. JENNA

    Hey! I love your work and would really like to play around with these brushes. I’m having a hard time opening them in photoshop. I have photoshop cs5. Any tips? thanks! -Jenna

  29. alice

    may i use this as a part of my art project?

  30. dd

    thank you

  31. admin

    Yes, feel free!

  32. Alison

    Wonderful brush set! thank you so much :)

  33. M.

    Thank you, these are amazing :)

  34. My buddy normally spoke about this web-site yet somehow this is now the 1st article I had gone through to this point. I’m highly content and so now a admirer.

  35. Elise

    Gorgeous brushes, thank you so much for sharing!

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